Reasons to Hire a Custody Attorney

Entering a heated custody battle is one of the worst fears of many parents and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Finding an experienced custody attorney is one of the first steps a parent should take when faced with this challenging event. Many people find themselves overwhelmed with questions and unrealistic expectations on the outcome of a case. Hiring a seasoned family lawyer can be a great asset during the legal process, as they are familiar with local laws and have handled other custody cases similar to yours.

Experience and Knowledge of Custody Laws

It’s no surprise, navigating a difficult custody case can be extremely intimidating if you’re in the battle alone. Hiring an experienced custody attorney can be the key to alleviating the stress that comes along with any legal custody battle. 

Family law courts are very complex. In a sea of deadlines, statutes of limitation and endless documents that need to be filed in a timely manner, it’s rarely recommended one would “go it alone”. An experienced custody attorney will have the knowledge and insight from handling other family cases like your own.  Sometimes a third-party opinion is the key to helping you see your case more clearly and making the best decision for the children involved.

Creating a Plan of Action

When you find a custody attorney, they will help build your case and keep you on track throughout the entire process. Whether it’s assembling financial records or collecting evidence, your lawyer will help create a game plan for your case.

Having a structured lay out of your case (and what to expect), may aid in easing the whole process for you and all parties involved. Children can often be affected by the stress of a legal custody case. By minimalizing the “unknown”, you can avoid added stress for not only yourself, but your children as well.

Your Ex Has a Custody Attorney

One of the biggest signs that you should retain legal counsel is if your ex-partner has legal representation. Many parents wish to have their opposing attorneys deal directly with each other for negotiations and other mitigation reasons.

You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you do not have a custody attorney, and your former partner does. This is a recipe for disaster and very rarely is it recommended that someone should represent themselves, especially when the other parent has already hired a custody attorney.

Your Case is Complex

Each custody case is different and has it’s own unique circumstances. If you have an overly complex case, hiring a custody attorney is highly recommended. There are many reasons your case may be a bit more difficult to navigate than most. But fear not! An experienced custody attorney has experience with almost every situation you can image and have most likely dealt with a case similar to yours.

Parents living in different counties/states tend to have a more difficult case that would greatly benefit from retaining a family law attorney. A child with special needs would also be a more complex case where hiring an experienced custody attorney is extremely important.

Circumstances Have Changed

It’s not uncommon for certain things to change or for unforeseen events to occur during the process of a custody case. With the current path of your legal journey changing, it’s important to keep good communication with your custody attorney. They can help guide you on what to expect with upcoming changes and advise you on your next move.

            You’ll want to stay diligent in updating your custody attorney and keeping documentation of any changes.

Finding the Best Custody Attorney

            When searching for the best custody attorney, there are several things you can look for before making your final decision. You can research online resources, such as review sites for information on the track record of your potential custody attorney. Asking your friends and family in your local community is a great way to gain valuable insight, as they tend to know you the best or are familiar with your particular area.

            Here at Justice Law Center, we have an incredible team of family law professionals and specialists ready to help you with all of your custody needs. With three decades of experience with a proven track record, you can rest assured you’re in the right hands


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