Most of us folks who live here in Lyon County and the surrounding area, prefer a slower pace of life than the kinds of people you will find in Las Vegas. We all pretty much know our neighbors and feel safe letting our kids play in the front yard.

            No matter how small your town is, there will always be custody disputes which call for the services of a Lyon County custody lawyer. The reason for this is our kids are by far the most important people in our lives. When a relationship comes to an end, and there are minor children involved, us as parents will always fight for the right to be with our kids as much as possible.

          Sometimes, the end of a relationship that involves kids, also involves things like domestic violence, substance abuse and neglect. When these situations are not accompanied by police reports, getting a Lyon County Custody lawyer is even more important. Even if there has been an arrest, that does not automatically disqualify someone from getting custody in court.

How Custody is Defined in Nevada

            In Nevada, if there is no current custody order, it is presumed that regardless of the relationship status of the parents, each parent will have joint physical and joint legal custody. Physical Custody is defined as having the physical presence of the child with you. Legal custody is defined as having the authority to make important decisions regarding the upbringing of the minor child.

            So, if someone has physical custody, they have the child living with them in their home with them. If a parent has legal custody that means that they have the right and ability to decide which school the child will attend, what doctors and treatments the child will receive, along with other various developmental decisions.

            Having primary, or full physical custody, means that you are the primary care giver, and the child lives with you at your home the majority of the time. Normally, if one parent has primary physical custody, the other parent will have what’s called “reasonable rights of visitation.” Often, parents will have joint physical custody, meaning each will have the child around half (50%) of the time.

            Normally in Nevada if one parent will have primary physical custody, both parents will share legal custody. This means that even though the non-custodial parent doesn’t have physical custody, that parent still has a say in all aspects of the child’s development and upbringing. If a parent has joint legal custody, even though they do not have physical custody, they must be informed and give written permission for the child to leave the state. Failing to get this permission can result in being charged with a felony.

How a Lyon County Custody Lawyer Can Win for You                   

            It is very common for a custody case to be opened after a breakup. In a divorce, custody becomes a part of the case, but in the instance of non-married couples, one of the parents must file what’s called a “Petition to Establish Paternity, Custody and Child Support. This will open a custody case in Lyon County District Court.

            During the course of the case, a good Lyon County Custody attorney will be able to litigate with the other party in ways that supports your claim to custody. The custody lawyer will compile evidence and attach that evidence to motions and pleadings that is filed with the court. These motions will ask the court to make findings of facts, such as whether there has even been an instance of domestic violence or child neglect, depending on your particular situation. There are many ways that your lawyer can use pleadings filed with the court, to help you win your case.

        These findings of facts will greatly increase the lawyer’s ability to negotiate favorable settlements for you as well. For instance, if your custody attorney files a motion with evidence that the other parent has committed domestic violence or child neglect, then the other party’s lawyer will strongly urge them to settle the case, with you having primary custody. If they do not, the chances of them winning at a custody trial is extremely slim, in light of the evidence.

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