Navigating Nevada’s Roads: The Importance of a Skilled Nevada Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Nevada motorcycle accident attorney

Anyone who has had the pleasure of riding a motorcycle on our beautiful Nevada roads knows how exhilarating it can be. The beautiful desert vistas and nice summer weather make Nevada a hotspot for motorcyclists. This might be why Reno hosts one of the biggest motorcycle festivals around, called Street Vibrations.

However, riding in Nevada does come with its own set of risks and there are many motorcycle accidents that happen in Nevada every day. In fact, according to, 19.2% of the fatalities on Nevada roads involved a motorcycle, and per Nevada Public Radio, between the years 2020 to 2021, the amount of motorcycle deaths increased in Nevada 32%.

With this many people sadly losing their lives while out riding, many more riders are being injured in accidents. With these alarming stats, it’s no wonder that the regular Nevada motorcycle accident attorney can stay pretty busy. This is especially true due to how difficult it is to get the insurance agencies to pay out fair and equitable compensation packages.

Insurance Agencies and their Money

There is a very specific reason that all the major insurance agencies are such enormous, filthy rich companies. This is because they make a lot of money doing what they do. If these companies paid out the maximum amount of compensation for each and every injury claim, the board members would very likely have to sell a yacht or two just to still stay in the black.

So, you can imagine that in order to keep the board members yachts, they will do everything in their power to pay you as little as possible when it comes to your motorcycle accident claim. In fact, they will try to use the fact that you ride against you when it comes time to negotiate a settlement.

These companies, just like all other for-profit organizations, have policies and procedures in place to save them as much money as possible. One of the “procedures” will be to dispatch a claims adjuster to come and interview you immediately after the accident. This person will do everything in their power to try to make you think that they are on your side in an attempt to get you to admit that you were at fault for the crash.

Admitting Liability and Your Injury Case

If these insurance adjusters get to you before you have a chance to talk to a Nevada motorcycle accident attorney, they will tell you things like that if you fill out their “statement” they will be able to get you your settlement quicker, and that they will do everything in their power to pay out as much as possible. These people are trained to befriend you and gain your trust, and then use everything you say against you when it comes time to pay.

Their “statement” is filled with questions specifically designed to try to get you to admit that you were liable for the crash. Even stating things like being sleepy that morning before riding, or that you haven’t serviced your bike in awhile can be used to argue that you were even partially responsible for the crash. In Nevada, liability can be assigned in percentages. For example, if a car traveling over the speed limit was involved, they can be held 80% liable. Then, if you were riding tired, and the insurance agency proved that caused you to be less reactive or aware than usual, you can be held to be 20% liable for the crash. Even that small amount of liability can be used as leverage to pay you the least amount possible.

If you immediately hire a personal injury lawyer, they will then be the one and only person that the insurance agency can deal with during your claim. Hiring a Nevada motorcycle accident attorney will put the insurance agency on notice that you intend on getting a fair and equitable compensation package for all of your injuries and damages.

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