Reasons to Find an Uber Accident Lawyer

Uber accident lawyer

The rideshare market is now an over an $8-billion-dollar industry which translates to a LOT of rides. Which then also means there is a chance for a LOT of accidents. There are several things you need to know after an Uber accident, and why it is so important to hire an experienced Uber accident lawyer.

Consulting with an Uber accident lawyer should be one of the first things you do after the initial accident. You should NEVER speak to a representative of Uber or an insurance adjuster prior to speaking with a personal injury attorney. Due to the massiveness of Uber, they ensure that their drivers are insured for $1-million-dollars for not only liability, but for un-insured and under-insured drivers. To put that into prospective, the average U.S. driver carries only $15,000 in liability coverage.

Why a Lawyer is Important After a Rideshare Accident

            Finding an experienced Uber accident lawyer has many benefits during your personal injury journey. Big companies like Uber also have massive legal teams with YOUR best interest not in mind, but obviously the best interest of the company they defend.

An experienced vehicular accident attorney will understand the laws and legal process ensuring you are equipped to go against the big boys, a.k.a. corporate legal teams. Many law firms are equipped to provide medical and crash scene experts, which can help build your case with the ultimate goal being the highest compensation for your pain and suffering.

Understanding who is at fault is something your Uber accident lawyer can help you determine which is extremely important in the legal process. You may be due significant financial compensation if you have been injured in an accident as a rideshare passenger, a rideshare independent-contractor or a driver/passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident with a rideshare vehicle.

What to do After a Rideshare Accident

GET A POLICE REPORT: It is very important for the later stages of the legal process to have a police report. A responding officer will obtain information from all parties involved, assess the scene of the accident, interview witness’ and ultimately file your police report.

If you did not get a police report at the time of the accident, or if the police department failed to send an officer to the scene, you can file after-the-fact by using this form through the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles website. Nevada Revised Statutes 484E.070 requires that a driver involved in a crash report within 10 days. It is also important to report the incident through the Uber website, however, do NOT speak to any representatives of Uber or insurance adjusters without obtaining an experienced Uber accident lawyer.

  • DOCUMENT EVERYTHING: It is important to document everything relating to the accident as possible. This will help immensely in aiding your Uber accident lawyer later on down the road. You should immediately take a screenshot of you Uber trip information and collect all the identification and vehicle insurance from each party involved. You can even record any statements from witness, but make sure to get their contact info.
  • PHOTO DOCUMENTATION: Your phone’s camera will be very useful after an Uber accident. Take photos of damage to all vehicles involved, skid marks, vehicle debris, location relation of all vehicles as well as all stop lights, signals and street signs.
  • REPORTING TO YOUR OWN INSURANCE COMPANY: If you were driving your own vehicle and involved in an accident with a rideshare vehicle, you should contact your own insurance company as soon as possible. You can also confirm your own personal injury protection coverage.
  • SEE A DOCTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: If injured during an accident it is important to seek medical care immediately. Do not put this off if you are injured, as in many occasions you may be significantly more injured than you think. Sometimes variables like adrenaline can lead you to believe you aren’t too injured and may just “ice it” off, but it’s important to get a thorough exam with a medical professional. Be sure to follow any and all recommendations from your doctor, and keep up with any follow-ups.
  • KEEP ALL RECORDS: It’s important to keep records of anything financial that occur after your auto accident. Keep all bills, rent/mortgage receipts, medical co-pays, auto repair bills, pay stubs and any other financial losses.
Finding the best Uber Accident Lawyer

It’s important to find an Uber accident lawyer who has extensive experience with personal injury cases and dealing with insurance companies. Remember to keep strict logs of your personal, financial, medical and initial accident records.

            Here at Justice Law Center, we have decades of experience in handling all forms of personal injury cases with a strong emphasis on motor vehicle accidents. We are constantly adapting to the constantly changing world of transportation and have successfully gone against the rideshare companies, getting our clients the maximum financial compensation they deserve! We are here to answer any of your questions and put any worries aside, so feel free to call us to set up a FREE consultation!


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