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Nowadays, its nearly impossible to even take a drive down the road without seeing billboard after billboard, advertising attorney services. Even around here, the personal injury attorney Lyon county advertisements are everywhere. Every now and then you may see a divorce or criminal defense ad, but the majority of them are advertising personal injury lawyer representation.

                You might then tend to think, geez are there really that many people getting hurt, then suing and getting rich off it? Well, the short answer to that question is not really. Most normal folks out there will take great care and caution when it comes to the safety of their neighbors. The reason that us lawyers advertise for personal injury cases is that they make us the most money by far.

                Up, you heard that right. We as a law firm, makes money. And, what’s more, every other law firm out there, outside of some government funded services, are in business to make money so that we can support our families and pay our bills. Now, that is not to say that while we are making this money, we do not delight in helping people, who are desperately in need of our services, at the same time.

                Lawyers and Their Money

                Everybody loves a good lawyer joke. We have all heard them and quite frankly we have all enjoyed them as well. You will find that most lawyers will be one of the first people that will share them with you as well. Not to say that there aren’t a few of us who don’t have much of a sense of humor at all, or are too self-important to enjoy the jokes.

                Also, a common lawyer stereotype is of the rich old guy, sitting in his giant mahogany office on the top floor of the NYC high rise, sipping bourbon. This lawyer guy is only interested in making as many millions of dollars possible, just so he can cut his ungrateful children out of his will. This guy also doesn’t care who he must step on to get it either.

                While we wont promise that this particular lawyer doesn’t exist somewhere, most lawyers are regular people, doing an important job. Stereotypes aside, most of us really do want to help people, and if we can make a good living doing it, then we will love our jobs.

                When sitting down with a lawyer for the first time, you will be bale to get a general feel for whether this attorney is in it to help, or to just make some money. If the center of the initial conversation if about their fee’s, and not your case, then that should give you a good indication of their priorities.

                Experience, Experience and Experience

                If you really do want the best of the best when in comes to an injury attorney, then you need to find one that is experienced. With apologies to the new guys, retaining a lawyer that has years of experience practicing personal injury law is one of the best ways to ensure that you are getting the best. There are many other qualities to look for in a lawyer as well. If your prospective attorney is too dumb to even tie their own shoes, 50 years of practicing personal injury law would only take them so far.

                There are many lawyers who only have a few years’ experience who just might do a great job with your case. The problem with retaining these lawyers is if the case doesn’t go as planned then they will not have the years and often decades of experience to rely on.

                Find the Best Personal Injury attorney Lyon County at Justice Law Center

                If you are looking for the most experienced injury attorney Lyon County, then your search is over. Our team of expert personal injury lawyers at Justice Law Center have been helping the resident of Lyon County, and all over Nevada get the compensation they deserve after being injured.

                We know all of the tricks that the insurance agencies will try to pull on you to shortchange you on your settlement. Even if we have to take your case all the way to trial to get you what you deserve, we have trial specialists on staff that will fight until they win.

                We offer free initial consultations, and only take our fees out of the money that we win for you, so call us today!


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