Why Hire Justice Law Center Auto Accident Attorney Lyon County?

auto accident lawyer Lyon county

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, the last thing that you should do is hire the first auto accident attorney Lyon County has to offer. While there may be a few private practice lawyer offices around the district courthouse in Yerington, these attorneys likely practice criminal defense and family law primarily, but wouldn’t hesitate to take a personal injury case, even though they do not specialize in that field of law.

The reason these community lawyers will take your injury case is because us as lawyers make the most money off of these cases. While a personal injury case is far from an easy case to work, they are by far the most lucrative.

 Now that you know this information, you may ask yourself why not hire the friendly local lawyer to represent you? Well, there are a few reasons, and we will talk about them in today’s post.

            Legal Specialization and Expertise

The first and foremost reason not to hire general practice lawyer is that while that attorney is likely very good at his job, he does not specialize in one area of law. Consider a situation where you have a pipe burst under your house. You must turn off the central water to your house to avoid flooding. Now your family cannot bathe, wash dishes or even access drinking water. Certainly, your priority will be to get this issue fixed correctly and as quickly as possible.

Would you begin your search for a professional to fix this issue by looking for “general household handyman,” or would you search for “plumber?” The general handyman would likely have a bit of experience in this matter, but surely a plumber would be your best bet. This is because a plumber works with water pipes and plumbing as their full-time job, while a handy man does all sorts of things in his workday.

 This is why you should find an auto accident attorney Lyon County that specializes in personal injury law. You want an attorney that works personal injury cases every day, and has done so for many, many years.

            Individualized Attention to Your Case

When you hire your local neighborhood attorney, especially in a small community like Lyon County, that lawyer will likely be working many cases at once. An attorney’s case load will have a lot to do with how much attention they will be able to give your case. While a responsible lawyer will try to keep their case load on a manageable level, this won’t always be the case.

  Hiring a law firm that specializes in personal injury cases, like Justice Law Center, means that there will be whole departments that work only on personal injury cases. Instead of relying on one attorney, that practices multiple areas of law, with perhaps a staff of one or two paralegals, to work your case, you can have an entire department of lawyers and paralegals that can focus on your case day in and day out. This department only does personal injury cases and therefore are known as specialists.

            Justice Law Center is the Premier Auto Accident Attorney Lyon County Law Firm

Being seriously injured in an auto accident will turn your entire life upside down. It’s difficult to estimate the damages. Just your medial and hospital bills are not the whole of the damages that you can receive compensation for. There are many other areas of your life that will be impacted by being injured. You will lose out on wages while hospitalized, you will lose out on valuable time with your friends and family as well as a dramatic decrease in your quality of life.

Hiring and experienced auto accident attorney Lyon County is vital to getting the compensation that you need. Our team of personal injury staff has been practicing injury law for decades. Do not rely on a small time, general practice lawyer that has maybe only worked a handful of injury cases, hire a team of experts to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

We only take our fees out of the money that we win for you, and offer free initial consultation so call us today. 


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