How Your Lyon County Injury Lawyer will Get You Paid

Lyon County injury lawyer

Nobody ever wakes up in the morning and says “geez I may just end up having to find a personal injury attorney today.” The reason is because most of us will go out of our way to avoid becoming injured. Its human nature to avoid injury, and even though you see on TV people throwing themselves in front of cars in an attempt to try to get money, that rarely happens in real life.

            What does happen all the time in real life is normal people just like you and me getting seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence. These injuries happen out on the road, in business, work, and sometimes can even happen right in your own front room. These types of injuries will almost always call for an experienced Lyon County injury lawyer.

            Just because we live in a small rural area doesn’t not mean that personal injury cases are not heard all the time right here in Yerington District Court. Sure, the majority of cases held there are divorces and criminal, that’s just the way of the world. However, when a citizen of Lyon County is injured, and someone else is at fault, they will need only the best Lyon County injury lawyer.

            Here at Justice Law Center, we have put together some information on just how your injury attorney will get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Gathering of Evidence

            After you have hired your attorney, the first thing that they will do is start to find all of the evidence surrounding your case. This evidence includes all police reports. These police reports will have a detailed accounting of the incident. They will normally include a statement by the officer, as well as any photographs taken and witness statements taken by the police at the time of the incident.

            Police reports normally will only be had if you were injured in a car crash out on the road, and if the injury happened elsewhere, its unlikely the police will be involved. In this instance your Lyon County injury lawyer will have to locate any witnesses themselves and take statements.

            Of course, all your current doctor and hospital bills will have to be obtained. These will include any bills from trips in an ambulance that may have occurred, as well as an accounting of any future treatments or therapy that need to happen.

            Outside of police reports and bills, your attorney will have to gather evidence that shows just who was responsible for the incident. This can be one of the most difficult aspects of gathering and presenting the evidence for your lawyer. Without strong and overwhelming evidence showing that it was the insureds fault that the injury causing accident happened, then you might not get any compensation at all.

The Demand Letter

After all of the available evidence has been gathered, sorted and indexed by your injury attorney, then they will draft and send what’s called a “demand letter,” to the insurance agency of the liable party. This letter is exactly what it sounds like. This letter will likely be forwarded to the legal department of the insurance agency to be inspected by the insurance agencies army of lawyers.

This demand letter will have a detailed accounting of all of the “damages” that were incurred by the injury causing accident, as well as all of the compiled evidence. In the demand letter, there will be a finalized dollar amount of all the damages added up that is “demanded” by your lawyer to be paid.

At this point the insurance agency lawyers will calculate just how much your lawyer is demanding against how much it would cost them to go to trial, as well as calculate their chances of winning at trial, according to the evidence provided by your lawyer.

Your Lyon County Injury Lawyer – Litigation and Trial

            In most situations your Lyon County injury lawyer will be able to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement with the insurance agencies at this point. If for whatever reason the insurance agencies are unwilling to negotiate in good faith, your lawyer will have to formally file a lawsuit against them and the liable party.

            Litigation is the process of filing motions, pleadings, and papers in court. This process generally involves court appearances on motions filed, and depositions.  If your attorney is forced to litigate, the work that goes into it will cause the lawyers fee to be much higher in the end. If litigation fails to generate a fair settlement, your case will likely have to go to trial.


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