When You Will Need a Lyon County Accident Lawyer for Trial

Our beautiful land of Lyon County Nevada is a sprawling landscape of arid hills, mountains, and valleys, with both the Walker and Carson rivers running through it. This makes the area perfect for activities like camping and fishing. The slow country pace of Lyon County can tend to lull its residents into a false sense of security. We believe that nothing bad can happen in this beautiful country, and when it does, it comes as quite a shock to us and our community.

            Its an unfortunate fact that anywhere that has roads and highways will have auto accidents. When a serious car crash happens out on the road in our community, the services of an experienced Lyon County accident lawyer are needed.

            Normally, a good accident attorney will be able to negotiate a settlement with the insurance agency after a crash, without ever having to take the case to court. This is because litigation is expensive for everybody, and if it fails a court trial is imminent. Trials are both time consuming and expensive for everybody, so its normally in both yours and the insurance agencies best interest to settle the case before it goes to court.

            That’s not to say that personal injury cases never go to trial. There are certain situations that will call for your Lyon County accident lawyer to advise you to take the case all the way. Before we get into those situations, lets first look at the reasons a personal injury case will progress from the settlement negotiation phase to litigation.

            Filing a Complaint and Litigation

            Directly after an injury causing auto accident, and after the incident has been reported to the insurance companies, an insurance adjuster will be immediately dispatched to attempt to take a statement from the injured party. The very purpose of this statement is to try to get the injured party to admit to some kind of fault in the accident. If you do this, that statement will be used by the insurance agency as evidence to try to get out of paying you a fair settlement.

            In this situation, your injury attorney will file a formal complaint for damages in court, which will open up your personal injury case. This will begin a series of court filings, hearings in front of the judge, exchanges of evidence and mediations, with both sides trying to get an advantage over the other so that they can either get a fair payout for their client, or save the insurance agency as much money as possible.

            During litigation, a trial date will be set by the court. This date is a deadline of sorts for both parties because if there is no settlement reached by that date, the trial will commence.

            Personal Injury Trial

            In most cases when your personal injury case goes to trial, it will be a jury of your peers that will decide who is liable, and what kind of compensation will be paid. These trials can take days, and sometimes up to a week to complete. The lawyer fees alone for a jury trial are enough to dissuade most reasonable people from taking a case this far.

            On top of lawyer fees, there are court costs such as filing fees, expert witness fees and others that will need to be paid. Normally, your lawyer will take about a third of the money awarded to you if the case settles out of court. Due to the massive amount of work and time a trial would take, if the case goes that far your lawyer could likely charge nearly half of any money awarded to you.

            Lyon County Accident Lawyer at Justice Law Center

            Justice Law Center has an office located in the seat of Lyon County, Yerington Nevada. We have been helping people like you get fair and equitable settlements from the insurance agencies for decades and can help you.

            When the insurance agencies refuse to pay you what is fair for your injuries, you could be left in debt for medical bills and facing foreclosure or eviction due to lost wages. In this instance you need an experienced and aggressive Lyon County accident lawyer to represent you. While a trial will always be the last case scenario, if we must go there, our team will fight for you and your family tooth and nail.

            Call our Yerington office today for a free consultation.


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