How to Find a Good Injury Lawyer, and How to Spot a Bad One

The United States justice system has implemented law that protects citizens that were injured in an incident when a third party is at fault. Without being able to legally pursue liable parties in civil court, there would be no way to recover damages when you are injured at work, on the road, or in any other kind of accident.

            All States in the U.S. recognize some nature of “tort law.” A tort is defined as an act or omission that causes “injury or harm” to another citizen. The Cornell Law School, defines a tort as:

“injury” describes the invasion of any legal right, whereas “harm” describes a loss or detriment in fact that an individual suffers.” (Tort, n.d.)

            Whenever you are injured and another party is at fault, they have committed an intentional or unintentional “tort” against you. This is why every state has laws ensuring that all vehicles have at least liability insurance. When it is the insurance agencies job to pay for your medical bills following an injury, it is important to have a good injury lawyer on your side. It goes without saying that the insurance companies will try to nickel and dime you when it comes to a settlement and having an injury lawyer to negotiate on your behalf will most assuredly increase the amount of the settlement paid to you.

            Just like in any other profession, there are good and bad injury lawyers. Most bad attorneys don’t know they are a bad attorney and will promise you the world and more during the initial consultation. So how can you tell if the lawyer you are taking too is good or bad at their jobs?

            Signs You Don’t Have a Good Lawyer

            Unfortunately, it’s difficult to determine if the lawyer you are having a consultation with is going to be a good one. During the initial consultation, most lawyers will try to sell you on their skills, experience, and abilities. You can try to see through the sales pitch, and it is always best to trust your gut, but that doesn’t mean your decisions will be fool proof.

            The one and really only way to tell if the attorney you are in an initial consultation with is “bad,” is if they promise you certain results from your case. In the legal industry there is no way a lawyer can guarantee you will get a certain result. A good lawyer can tell you that they think there could be certain results, but without all the facts and evidence on hand, there could never be any guarantees. If a lawyer promises you a specific result without even looking at the case and the evidence, that is a good sign you are talking to a “bad lawyer.”

            If you decide to retain a lawyer for your case, you should expect them to frequently communicate with you regarding the progression of the case. If you hire an injury lawyer and do not hear from them for months, chances are you have hired a bad lawyer. Most lawyers are very busy; however, communication with one of the most important qualities of a good lawyer.

            Another clear-cut sign that you have hired a bad lawyer is if they conduct their practice unprofessionally. Your lawyers’ actions can have a substantial negative impact on your case. Sometimes unprofessionalism can border on the unethical and illegal that can sometimes be cases of malpractice. If your lawyer tells you to lie under oath or fabricate evidence just to get a winning edge over your case, you have hired a bad lawyer.  Other signs of unprofessionalism include showing up late for meetings and court dates, making decisions on your behalf without talking to you first, and ignoring conflicts of interests that may arise in your case.

            How to Find a Good Injury Lawyer

  1. Contact your local bar association. State Bar associations keep records on all the licensed injury attorneys in your area. The Bar associations also keep public records regarding complaints and disciplinary actions that have been taken against those attorneys. The majority of local Bar offices will have free referral services that will match you with an attorney for your case. You can find your local bar associations website and information by selecting your state from the State & Local Bar Associations page provided by the American Bar Association.
  2. Get referrals from friends and family. Word of mouth is now, and always has been the very best way to find a good lawyer to suit your case. You can post on your social media pages asking friends if they have any good lawyer referrals for you, or just ask around at social events like family reunions.
  3. Review the attorney’s website and online reviews. Most lawyer websites will have information on what type of law they practice and other background information that may help you make the decision to hire them. Also, on sites like google and Yelp, you can find reviews from former clients that could help you determine if they are a bad, or good lawyer. Always keep in mind when reading reviews, sometimes people will blame their lawyer just because the results of the case was displeasing to them. Even the best of attorneys cannot win, unwinnable cases and clients will take to the internet and blame the attorney unjustly.
  4. Be prepared. If you follow these steps, being prepared for the initial consultation is key. It is advised that you write out a list of questions you will want to ask at the consultation. Questions regarding the lawyer’s fees are important. Some injury lawyers will take their fee out of the backend settlement, and you will not have to make an initial retainer payment. However, it is still important to understand if the lawyer is going to charger per hour, and if so, how much? Some injury attorneys will take a flat percentage of the settlement payment.

Justice Law Center is Nevada’s Premier Injury Lawyer Law firm

Here at Justice Law Center, we have helped many Nevada residents get what they deserve after being injured in a car crash or other accident. All our injury lawyers are professional and experienced in all matters regarding personal injury law and are expert negotiators.

After an accident, the insurance company will pretend to be on your side. The adjusters are trained to act like they care about your situation and will try to get you as much money as possible. Nothing is more far from the truth. It is in the insurance agencies best interest to pay you the least amount of money possible and to close your case quickly.

If you hire one of our personal injury attorneys at Justice Law Center, you can be assured that we will be on your side every step of the way. We see each of our clients as actual people, not just dollar signs like some other law firms. We will communicate with you regarding each and every update in your case and will do everything in our power to get you a settlement for your injury that     is fair, so you can focus on just getting better.

Call, or email us today for a free consultation with one of our expert injury lawyers.



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